Welcome to the seventh season

T Dog Media has hit lucky number seven!

As in the seventh season of  T Dog Media – which this site officially enters today. And you’ll notice that the words “The” and “Blog” are gone, as this site continues to evolve. While technically still a blog, T Dog Media is now much more than that – it’s now Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Google Plus, and of course, the main center of it all, the website, which now enters its second year on WordPress. And whatever newest social media gizmo they come up with, T Dog Media will hop on board that as well (all social media icons are available in the upper-right hand side of the website.)

Meanwhile, yours truly has finally set up his own T Dog Media page on Facebook, so please stop on by and like it. Soon, I’ll be putting up exclusive content on Facebook and Google Plus for you to check out.

And don’t forget to follow T Dog Media on Twitter, where yours truly tweets items – sometimes informational, sometimes absurd – every day, including breaking media news stories (which I used to do here before August 2008.) T Dog Media’s Twitter feed is also available on the right-hand side of the site.

While a lot have changed since I launched this blog on September 18, 2006 on the Blogger platform with just a simple gray background and orange template (you remember those days, don’t you?), one thing hasn’t changed – challenging those in the media business on their decisions, whether they be right or wrong, fair or unfair. Yours truly plans to return to more of an activist role this season, as evident in the first few years of the blog.

And of course, T Dog Media continues to cover and commentate on all things Chicago media and pop culture – NATPE, Comic-Con, TCA Press Tour, you name it.

More importantly, I thank you for your support – I could not achieve all of this without you, the reader.

Let’s have some fun this season – there’s a lot of TV, radio, sports, and stuff on the Internet to talk about – and to make fun of.

Enjoy the ride!


Terence Henderson, T Dog Media