T Dog’s Six Pack: Expanded edition

It’s been awhile, so let’s do an expanded edition of T Dog’s Six Pack – with an extra item in the winners and losers column this week. It doesn’t get any better than that! Okay, yes it can…


Regis Philbin. After 28 years on daytime television. Regis Philbin steeped down as co-host of the popular morning chatfest Live With Regis & Kelly on November 18. Cheers to one of the nicest guys in the business.

NBC 5. Usually, you don’t see NBC in the winner’s circle too often – if fact, hardly much at all. But NBC-owned WMAQ-TV announced recently it was beefing up its Unit 5 investigate team as part of an initiative by Comcast to invest more money in the news operations of its NBC owned-and-operated stations. More investigative and enterprise journalism – especially in Chicago – is good for everybody.

UFC. Despite the feature bout lasting about as long as the revival of Charlie’s Angels, the November 12 mixed martial arts special on Fox drew 5.7 million viewers in its most-watched fight ever.

Once Upon A Time. Did I say this series was going to get creamed by The Simpsons? ABC’s new fairy tale-flavored drama drew more viewers in its Sunday night time slot and either tied or beat Homer & Co. in the coveted 18-49 adult demo.

Not Winning.

CBS. The Church Of Tisch had a rough week before last: its decision to pair Charlie Rose with Gayle King to host the relaunch of its long low-rated weekday morning was panned; its WCCO-TV in Minneapolis came under fire for an investigate report on dogmeat that turned out to be unfounded; and CBS News’ “World Exclusive” on alleged Penn State pedophile Jerry Sandusky turned out to be nothing but 23 seconds of “no comment”. Les Moonves is doing a great job with CBS in primetime and with CBS Radio – but nothing much else outside of it, with news a major joke, late night talk show has-been David Letterman struggling in the ratings, and the continued failings of WBBM-TV’s news operation. Makes you think Larry Tisch is running “America’s Most Watched Network” from his private office in hell.

Ashton Kutcher. And he had a rough week too: Demi Moore dumped him and he angered his Twitter followers by sticking up for disgraced Penn Coach head football coach Joe Paterno. As a result, he turned his Twitter account over to a management firm. In other words, Kutcher’s Twitter feed is controlled now by a robot.

Radio. More layoffs from Cumulus and Clear Channel, and in the latter’s case, more national programming on its music stations. They already gave Ryan Seacrest a show… you think they’ll give one to the guy who hosts X Factor as well?

Allen Gregory. I guess this is what it would be like if Meg Griffin from Family Guy got her own spin-off show. Five weeks in and this piece of excrement is still on the air? Remember, this is Fox we’re talking about – it took them two years to cancel The War At Home and four years to cancel Til Death, while GM Mike Renda and news director Carol Fowler are still running the company’s WFLD-TV into the ground, while some of its O&O stations renewed Jeremy Kyle’s awful talk show for another season. If there’s anything Fox is known for, is keeping underperforming properties – and people.