Weigel Broadcasting to switch around Chicago channels




MeTV goes national on December 15

Brace yourself “U” and “Me” viewers – you’re going to be in for a lot of changes.

Beginning on December 15 – a Wednesday (a rather odd day of the week to begin programming changes since Mondays are usually more ideal) – four of Weigel’s channels are ushering in new schedules with the launch of U Too and MeTV’s new national feed.

On this date, Weigel plans to move MeTV locally to over-the-air digital suubchannel 26.3 from 26.2, displacing MeToo, which moves to 26.4. In turn, This TV moves to 26.5 from 26.4 (got all that?)

WCIU stays on 26.1 over-the-air and the same cable and satellite position.

With the launch of MeTV’s national feed, Weigel is maintaining a local feed of Me on 26.4, which contains programming such as Stooge-A-Palooza, Roseanne, The Cosby Show, and much of the Sony and NBC Universal libraries which is no longer eligible to run on Me-TV’s, since Tribune (Antenna TV, which launches Jan. 1 on WGN-DT 9.2) and Luken (RTV) have national rights, respectfully.

The moves also puts an end to the comedy/drama genre split, which has been prevalent since September 2009 when MeTV started airing mostly classic comedies and MeToo started airing classic dramas.

Also on December 15, Weigel is launching U Too on 26.2, featuring syndicated programming which had been previously buried in late night on WCIU or MeTV. The lineup includes Judge Karen’s Court, Punk’d, America’s Court with Judge Ross (which received a two-year pickup from syndicator Entertainment Studios today), and additional runs of The Steve Wilkos Show, Jerry Springer, and Cheaters. The channel is also picking up Discovery Channel’s Cash Cab and Canadian talk show Steven & Chris. The channel is wonderful news for syndicators, which gives their shows more viable time periods and exposure not previously available in the nation’s third-largest market.

As to where to find these channels on your cable or satellite systems, click here for more information. Keep in mind neither UToo, MeToo, or This TV is available to DirectTV or Dish Network customers.

And here are those programming schedules effective December 15:
U Too

The move also creates some rather odd programming anomalies: MeToo and Antenna TV will now be airing much of the same Sony library fare, including The Three Stooges and All in the Family. And while Me-TV finally gets to run M*A*S*H, Fox-owned WFLD-TV continues to retain local rights to the classic sitcom – which has been a station staple since September 1979.