T Dog’s Groovy Grab Bag – The TCA edition

More from the bi-annual gathering in Pasadena, with cable on display:

BET had its presentation and is introducing two new programs: a new reality docu-drama featuring R&B singer Monica, and one featuring comedian Monique Ines-Jackson (better known as Mo’Nique.) Broadcasting & Cable also had an interview with BET Chairman Debra Lee. Click here to read.

National Geographic is once again planning to air Expedition Week, featuring documentaries about the Amazon, people who capture – and release – sharks, and life on Mars. The channel is also launching a new series titled Rescue Ink, which features tattooed guys – some with criminal backgrounds – who rescue abandoned and abused animals (while yours truly commends them on what they do, this show sounds like a bad 1970s Saturday Morning Cartoon.)

HBO’s Curb Your Enthusiasm will stage a Seinfeld reunion – of sorts. The original cast members plan to appear on the show playing themselves in episodes that start this fall. Larry David produced and wrote Seinfeld for several years.

– Keith Carradine and Valerie Perrine will join the cast for the second season of Starz’s Crash, which bows on September 18. The series of course, is based on the Oscar-winning film of the same name.

– Among Comcast Entertainment Group’s highlights at the tour was a new series titled The Lamas Life, which features aging heartthrob Lorenzo Lamas set to bow on E! this fall; G4’s Two Months, Two Million, which uncannily resembles the movie 21 – it’s about a group of young online poker players who try to hit it big in Vegas; and Giuliana & Bill, Style network’s reality series about the ongoing long-distance relationship between Orland Park native Bill Racnic and his wife (nice change of pace with the title, putting Giuliana’s name first.)

BBC America’s panel featured a new mini- series titled Occupation, about three British soliders who return home from Iraq, and a new sitcom called The InBetweeners.

– Animal Planet is launching Animal Planet Investigates, a quaterly series featuring issues involving animals – dog fighting, cloning, and animal abuse. On the lighter side, the channel plans to launch Superfetch, a new series about animal trainer Zak George training pets to do wacky or unexpected tricks (what is with these titles that sound like bad 1970’s Saturday Morning Cartoons? Don’t be surprised if George winds up training Goober or Dynomutt.)

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