T Dog’s Four Pack – The Summit

There have been some conflicts in the media world lately. So let’s have a T Dog’s Four Pack Beer Summit – where we can hash out our differences and make the world a better place. Or not…

A four pack worthy of Budwesier and Miller Genuine Draft

– Mark Burhele’s Perfect Game. The first Chicago pitcher to throw a perfecto in more than 70 years. Mark, This Bud’s for You.

– Dewaynne Wise. And what about the catch to save the save Burhele’s perfect game? Catch of the year. Dewaynne Wise is The Silver Bullet!

– Comic-Con. The 40th anniversary of this gathering has proven to be one of the most successful one yet. Raise a Heineken and toast Comic-Con to 40 more years!

– Ben Silverman leaves NBC. Good riddance to Mr. Party All The Time, who always looks like he chugged down one too many Samuel Adams. Hopefully, Zuckhead is next.

A four pack you need to take back to Kenwood Liquors

– Patricia Heaton’s new comedy The Middle at Comic-Con. Wrong target audience, wrong venue, wrong everything. And you wonder why only 75 people showed up. Even worse, they were serving Zima.

– “Asking the Questions”. Okay Fox 32, here’s a question I’m asking: who created this inane marketing slogan for your newscasts? The same geniuses behind Stroh’s? Especially since you’re not really getting any answers – and the sub-par ratings show it.

– Adult animation. A recent repeat episode of King of the Hill showed incivility toward Canada – a blatant ripoff of South Park: Bigger, Longer, and Uncut. The subject had also been covered on The Simpsons, Family Guy, Aqua Teen Hunger Force, and South Park. Remember when the plots on these shows weren’t so interchangeable? Can’t wait for The Cleveland Show episode where Cleveland drinks Labatts Beer and decides to bomb British Columbia.

– The not-so-hot Summer of 2009. We all knew Summer TV would suck this year. But the weather too? It has been about as nasty as Old Style Beer.