T Dog’s Four Pack: Cheers! (and Jeers)

The past week’s winners and losers:

Four cheers of the week

– Bulls-Celtics Playoff Series. Even though the Bulls did not win, admit it: It was the most entertaining playoff series in years. Thanks for the ride.

– … but the Blackhawks are still in! They advanced past Calgary in the first round and now facing Vancouver in the second, with the series tied 1-1. Go Hawks!

-Fox downgrades Sit Down and Shut Up. And I thought it couldn’t get ant worse than God, The Devil, and Bob and Father of the Pride.

– Disney joins Hulu. A huge win for the video site: A huge loss for You Tube. You can only go so far with videos of skateboarding dogs and cats falling off of TVs.

Four jeers of the week

WBBM-TV’s demotion of Anne State. At the Church of Tisch, she goes from a Deacon to an Altar Person.

The Trib’s marketing department solicitation of subscribers’ opinions on stories BEFORE they were published. And this questionable ethics practice is from the same folks who are running State of Corruption articles. Hey Trib – maybe you should start investigating corruption IN YOUR OWN HOUSE. What a bunch of hypocrites.

WVAZ (V103) cuts long time vets Troi Tyler and Irene Mojica. And if you even think of getting rid of the legendary Herb Kent…

Supreme Court throws out Appellate Court ruling on indecency. A victory for whiny, self-absorbed, and gutless special interest groups everywhere. What happened to this “change” everyone was talking about?

Speaking of the PTC, I wonder what they thought about what happened to a 15-year old who was shot, beaten, burned, and killed in Chicago by gang members over the weekend…

I thought so. Their silence is deafing – mainly because the crime didn’t take place in their members’ precious upper-class neighborhoods.

Extra demerit: Josh Smith of the Atlanta Hawks. What was up with the windmill dunk in last week’s playoff game against Miami? And you missed? You’re lucky basketball players don’t have the mindest of hockey players – you would’ve been knocked into next week.