EliteXC knocked out

Meet the latest victim of Floptober (a.k.a. Darkmane strikes again.) In the end, it wasn’t Kimbo Slice, Seth what’s-his-name (McFarlane? nah…), and UFC that knocked EliteXC out. It was a foe that has been knocking everything out left and right as of late: The weak economy. Due to a lack of funds, Showtime Networks and ProElite have shuttered the Mixed […]

Welcome to Floptober

Forget the goat, it’s this guy’s fault the Cubs didn’t win. There’s only one Floptober… Remember when I said Darkmane (from those X Games spots) couldn’t foil the X Games but could show up at Wrigley to foil the Cubs chances at going to the World Series? Not only he succeeded, but he also managed to find time to show […]