"Mad Men", "30 Rock" wins Emmys

How about this for anti-climatic: As expected, both Mad Men and 30 Rock took home Emmys for best drama and comedy, respectively (really, do you think Two and a Half Men was going to win? Ha!)

And the idea for five people to host the Emmys… don’t let it happen ever again. The opening was absolutely atrocious. They said they had “nothing”, which pretty much described the opening skit.

HBO took home the most trophies with ten. Fox left with just one, while The CW was shut out for the second straight year.

Don Rickles wins an Emmy! Don Rickles 1, The CW, 0.

But they gave that stupid “I’m F*** Matt Damon” clip an Emmy? (they actually awarded it at the Creative Arts Emmys) Hell, they would’ve been better off giving Jim Belushi an award for Outstanding Actor in a Comedy Series. Almost.

For the complete list of winners, click here.