T Dog vs. The PTC, Round 2

Sung to Loverboy’s “Hot Girls in Love”: I’m turning up the heat….

Round 2

Yes, your humble friend T Dog drops the gloves again with the Piss Turd Council for Round 2 and their latest nonsense. Click here to go to the show (Update: Another person has since weighed in against the PTC and like typical cowards, it looks like they wanted to avoid a total beatdown.)

And in case you missed it, here’s Round 1, where the PTC strikes back against me (alright, I misspelled the guy’s name, so what?)

Now if I can only get Bill O’Reilly and Jay Mariotti to respond to yours truly (who by the way, has made headlines again for all the wrong reasons, – or maybe a right reason for once, since the guy criticizing ESPN’s Erin Andrews is out of line. Is this Mike Nadel dimbulb a member of the PTC?)

Updated 11:20 a.m. on 2008-08-06

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