Cara Carriveau goes in The Mix

It looks like there is a happy ending after all for a radio personality who was unceremoniously dumped from a local radio station two years ago – because she basically spoke her mind about the business.

Cara Carriveau, who was fired as midday personality at WLUP-FM (The Loop) back in 2006, has found a new gig. She has landed at Bonneville’s WTMX-FM (The Mix; sixth item) in the same capacity at the successful Hot Adult Contemporary outlet.

For those of you new here, I wrote one of my first critical posts on this blog on October 6, 2006 titled “Deplorable”, regarding Ms. Carriveau’s firing at The Loop because of a letter that was printed in Robert Feder’s column where she talked about the sad state of the radio industry, and why so many personalities couldn’t find work. As a result, she found herself out of work.

To read the post, click here (the links in the post are outdated and don’t work.) Credit “Deplorable” as the launching pad for The T Dog Media Blog Think Tank, which is a in-depth piece on media industry issues I write every other week.

Carriveau was fired by Marv Nyren and Tim Dukes, who were running WLUP at the time. Nyren talked about how Carriveau “didn’t believe in radio’s future” and how Turd was more talented than her (turned out the real reason for Carriveau’s forced departure from WLUP was the station was looking to dump salary and found their excuse.)

Well, how about this? Carriveau went into business for herself. Thanks to her connections in the music industry, she interviewed artists for her “Cara’s Basement” podcast and website. She also was hired by WMAQ-TV to write a blog for their website.

Well, nearly two years later, Carriveau is back in Chicago radio and Tim Dukes was canned at the Loop a few months later and is out of radio all together. The Mix is one of the most successful stations in Chicago; Emmis’ two FM properties are still trying to find an audience. Isn’t karma a bitch?

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