Three way battle for off-net supremacy

A big race is shaping up for off-network sitcom supremacy. Yours truly has been following the syndication business since 1984, and I haven’t seen a race like this since The Cosby Show, The Golden Girls, Roseanne, and Married… With Children were all battling for the crown in the early ’90’s.

Three sitcoms – Warner’s Two and a Half Men, Twentieth’s Family Guy, and CBS’ Everybody Loves Raymond are neck and neck – for the week ending Oct. 7, Two and Raymond had a 3.7 rating, and Family Guy had a 3.6. Two and a Half Men’s performance is remarkable given that it has no cable clearances.

Also, don’t forget CBS’ weekend CSI: Miami: it averaged a 3.7, and is the top-rated weekend hour.

As for the new syndication shows, Judge David Young, Merv Griffin Crosswords, and The Steve Wilkos Show each averaged 0.8, while Temptation was at 0.4. TMZ topped them all with a 1.8 and growing.

Wheel of Fortune was the top syndicated show with a 7.2.