Chicago Tribune weighs in on Big Ten-Comcast war of words

They support a la carte programming (which is no surprise given they are staunch supporters of the FCC’s indecency campaign and the war in Iraq.) Of course, when was the last time The Chicago Tribune Editorial Board’s opinion on anything was revelant to anybody? Aren’t newspapers supposed to be dead by now? And since yours truly didn’t go to a Big Ten school, why should I subsidize or even care if their fans get a channel on Comcast or not, or whether or not they miss a lousy non-competitive football game? What goes around comes around, Tribune. (Yours truly is a college football fan, but the BCS leaves a bad taste in his mouth.)

And keep in mind in the conference’s decision to take their third-tier games off of broadcast television to form this network. Siding with the Big Ten reeks of hypocrisy.

It’s easier to talk when you’re apart of big media, because you feel you can speak for the rest of us. You’re on your way to becoming The Chicago Daily Onion, which resides across the street.