Family Guy clears 90% ; Adult Swim expands; Thorne in trouble?

Twentieth Television has cleared Family Guy in 90% of the country for syndication this fall, with 150 markets on board and 24 of the top 25 markets.

Outside of the core Tribune group, recent markets cleared included San Francisco/Oakland/San Jose, Tampa-St. Petersburg, Phoenix, Minneapolis/St. Paul, Cleveland, Orlando, Pittsburgh, and Kansas City.

(The press release misidentified one of the Orlando stations. It’s WOFL/WRBW.)

In Chicago, the program will air on WGN-TV beginning in September.

Meanwhile, the programming block Family Guy appears on, Adult Swim, is expanding to seven nights a week. Guess which one?

Adult Swim is launching two new programs – a live-action Internet spin-off called Fat Guy Stuck In Internet, and an animated drama, Superjail.

It’s also producing new episodes of Robot Chicken, Aqua Teen Hunger Force (whose movie was released in theaters earlier this month) and The Boondocks, which hadn’t aired any new episodes for the past year (The comic strip’s since been retired), Moral Orel, Harvey Birdman, Frisky Dingo and Tim and Eric, Awesome Show, Great Job. (The last three are the same title of the same show. Don’t ask.)

A Star Wars-themed Robot Chicken episode is also currently in production, with George Lucas doing a voiceover cameo.

The expansion begins on July 6.

And by the way, to those Boston politicians who thought those Lite-Brite promotional items were bombs? The Moonites are still giving you guys the finger. Next, they’ll waste more time and taxpayer money by investigating current Orioles’ and ESPN broadcaster (and former White Sox broadcaster) Gary Thorne’s ludicious claim that the bloodied sock Curt Schilling wore in the 2004 World Series was painted on.