The Excellent 10

Here we go! I am honored to present to you: The Excellent 10: The best television shows of 2006. Once again, we’re counting them down American Top 40 style, from number 10 to number 1.…

10. Pardon the Interruption (ESPN). Despite Kornhiser…. And LeBatard….

9. Simpsons (Fox).

8. Arrested Development (Fox). R.I.P.

7. South Park (Comedy Central). Despite a handful of weak episodes, this show still hits the political satire target with success every time, especially with this year’s superb “Cartoon Wars” — The best episode of any sitcom to air this decade.

6. The Daily Show (Comedy Central). Jon Stewart fake news show is more informational (and fun) than the local news that air opposite it.

5. The Colbert Report (Comedy Central). Who in the land can appear at the White House Dinner and upstage Bush and invent a word “truthiness” that becomes a part of the vocabulary? Colbert! You’re damn right.

4. America’s Next Top Model (CW). Don’t listen to the critics. What do they know? This show is still entertaining, better than the overrated Survivor. (And who in Chicago watches Survivor anyway?)

3. Ugly Betty (ABC). Finally! A show us geeks can relate to! (And no, Misfits of Science doesn’t count.)

2. Heroes (NBC). Are you on the list? You can be if you Save the Cheerleader. Best new show of the season. This show rocks!

1. Family Guy (Fox). I know Matt and Trey are gonna hate on me for putting this here (and putting South Park at #7) but this is easily, the best comedy — and best show of the year. It’s still fresh, funny, and a bit better than The Simpsons. (I can’t believe I just said that….)

Honorable Mention: Aqua Teen Hunger Force (Adult Swim), King of the Hill (Fox), Grey’s Anatomy (ABC), Criminal Minds (CBS) [This deserves a mention for surprising everyone by topping Lost in total viewers and households — and the fact that “Lost” was well, looked lost all season.]

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