The Excellent 10 of 2013

Happy New Year! In 2013, a few have complained that they had a difficult time compiling a top ten best show list because there are – get this – too many good shows. Wow, how come yours truly didn’t have this problem? If we indeed are in “A Golden Age Of Television”, someone failed to notify yours truly. After all, […]

The Excellent 10 of ‘10

This trophy was well represented in the countdown of the best media items of 2010. Here we go with the annual list of the best media-related items of 2010 – a list of not just the best shows (isn’t everyone doing those?) but the best events as well. If you notice (excluding sports), cable is well-represented in this countdown, with […]

2009’s Excellent 10 – and more

Despite a down year (or decade, depending on your point of view) 2009 has had some good moments too! Here is the best of the best – the Top 10 items of 2009, count them down from ten to one – remember, this list includes not only TV shows, but events as well… The Excellent 1010. Glee (Fox). A surprise […]

2008’s Excellent 10

Happy New Year, everyone! Instead of listing just TV shows, yours truly has decided to include items other than TV shows in the annual Excellent 10 and Toilet 10 lists across this year. Two history-making events happening in 2008 – Michael Phelps’ Olympic Gold Medal run and Barack Obama’s acceptance speech here in Chicago after becoming the first African-American President […]

The Excellent 10 of 2007 and more

From #10 to #1, the best TV shows of 2007… 10) Chuck (NBC) Computer geek who works at a big-box is also a spy. Great concept. 9) Mad Men (AMC). Realistic look at ad agency business in the 1960’s, far more accurate than what you saw on Bewitched. On Mad Men, nobody becomes impotent from spells cast by Endora. 8) […]

The Excellent 10

Here we go! I am honored to present to you: The Excellent 10: The best television shows of 2006. Once again, we’re counting them down American Top 40 style, from number 10 to number 1.… 10. Pardon the Interruption (ESPN). Despite Kornhiser…. And LeBatard…. 9. Simpsons (Fox). 8. Arrested Development (Fox). R.I.P. 7. South Park (Comedy Central). Despite a handful […]