T Dog’s Think Tank: Reeling radio

Last week was one those in the radio industry would love to forget – in fact, radio has been having these types of weeks for quite some time now. Repeating the same mantra heard over and over again the last few decades, Big Media eliminated positions again with Clear Channel and Cumulus leading the way. CC last week eliminated hundreds […]

Steve Jobs dies

One of the greatest visionaries in the media business and in tech has left us. Apple co-founder Steve Jobs died Wednesday afternoon at the age of 56 due to a lengthy battle with pancreatic cancer. Jobs stepped down two months ago as CEO and handed the day-to-day reigns over to Tim Cook while retaining the title as Chairman. Jobs of […]

T Dog’s Six Pack: Goodbye, Farewell, and Amen

As you may know – if you’ve been following on Twitter – The T Dog Media Blog is leaving Blogger and is moving to a new home as part of the new website I’m launching officially on September 19, when the sixth season of The T Dog Media Blog begins. Visit http://www.tdogmedia.com to view the progress of the site as […]