T Dog’s Think Tank: It’s canceled! Or is it?

Networks now playing games with viewers Remember a few years ago when radio was tagged as a dying medium? Now you can give the title to broadcast networks’ prime-time TV programming. As more and more viewers are shifting to streaming services to watch their shows, the Big Five certainly aren’t giving a reason for viewers to stick around – renewing […]

"Jericho" to return!

“But stop sending us nuts”, says CBS Entertainment President Nina Tassler, fearing that someone at the network may have peanut allergies (yeah, right.) The fans got a seven episode renewal for midseason.

"Jericho" to return?

All right, so CBS didn’t have to deal with bags and bags of peanuts back in the day when there were fan campaigns to save Cagney & Lacey and Designing Women. But it’s not the ’80’s anymore, isn’t it? Taking a page from the Roswell playbook (except it was bottles of Tabasco sauce that was sent to UPN), fans sent […]