Hockeytown rules

The Detroit Red Wings beat the Pittsburgh Penguins last night to win their fourth Stanley Cup in eleven years. But the biggest winner was the NHL. Ratings for last night’s Game 6 were up 17 percent from Game 5, and it was the most watched Game 6 in eight years (between the New Jersey Devils and Dallas Stars in 2000 […]

Red Wings – Penguins scores in triple overtime

Last night’s Stanley Cup Final triple-overtime thriller (Game 5) between the Detroit Red Wings and the Pittsburgh Penguins on NBC was a clear winner last night (regardless of what anyone says) with ratings the best since the 2002 Stanley Cup Finals, when the Red Wings played the Carolina Hurricanes. Overall, the game averaged a 4.3 household rating and a 8 […]

Wings beat Pistons in TV ratings in Detroit

The Stanley Cup Finals continue to roll on the Motor City with the Red Wings vs. Sid the Kid. Game 3 of the Detroit Red Wings-Pittsburgh Penguins series on NBC beat the competing Game 5 of the Eastern Conference NBA Finals between the Detroit Pistons and Boston Celtics on Wednesday in Detroit, with hockey getting an 18.8 rating and 29 […]

The NHL is back on track

Ratings for the NHL Conference Finals airing on NBC over the weekend scored ratings increases from year-ago matchups in 2007.Last Saturday’s game between the Detroit Red Wings and Dallas Stars earned a 1.5 household rating and 4 share. While that may not seem like much, it is up 25 percent from 2007’s Buffalo Sabres-Ottawa Senators matchup from a year ago. […]

Blackhawks sign with WGN-TV

The Chicago Blackhawks announced on Tuesday that the team’s entire 82-game schedule will be shown on television. And this is not – I repeat, not – an April Fool’s joke. The Blackhawks signed a deal with WGN-TV on Tuesday, making 20 or so games available to the Tribune-owned station, marking the first time since 1980 games have been made available […]

Sports off broadcast TV in Detroit

Local broadcasts of Detroit Tigers, Pistons, and Red Wings games have been locked up by cable channel FSN Detroit for the next 10 years, keeping the games off of broadcast TV in the Motor City (unless their respective broadcast network partners – i.e. Fox with MLB, NBC with the NHL, etc. carries a game.) It also erases the possibility of […]

Hawks win on ice, but lose in the TV ratings

Last night’s first Chicago Blackhawks home game against the Detroit Red Wings averaged a household rating of 0.8, according to Nielsen Media Research. While that number seems disappointing (after all, it’s hockey), it was an improvement over the 0.4 rating it has averaged so far this season, it tied an October 31 game against Dallas for the season high (0.8), […]