‘Raymond’ TV father dies

Peter Boyle, R.I.P. (1935-2006) He played Frank Barone, a role he was Emmy nominated for eight times on Everybody Loves Raymond. He also won an Emmy for a guest appearance on The X-Files, and appeared in the movies Young Frankenstein, Joe, and Scooby-Doo 2 – Monsters Unleashed. Mr. Boyle passed away Tuesday night at the age of 71. :-(

The hottest sitcom on TV in 2006: "Mama’s Family"

It looks like Kansas City viewers aren’t the only ones who prefer repeats of the Vicki Lawrence sitcom over whatever is on that new network created by Fox — My something, or whatever it is. Mediaweek’s Marc Berman is watching them too, and why not? He prefers it and Growing Pains to most of the swill that passes off as […]

Television Blunders

I said I was going to return Tuesday, but I just had to post this… From Sunday’s Trib: O.J. blunder hardly a first for television And here are some more.. From Mediaweek’s Marc Berman (subscription may be required): TV Turkeys, Part 3 I can go on forever adding to the list of blunders…. USA Today on TV, The Chevy Chase […]