Who’s in your four, Edition 4 (plus a tribute to Bill Melendez)

This is in my four for edition four of Who’s in Your Four this week. Fore! – 90210. Scored the highest ratings in the history of the two-year old network. – Raising the Bar, indeed. Now Turner’s cable networks can actually air a promo with a claim that’s actually true: Despite lukewarm reviews, TNT’s new legal drama Raising the Bar […]

FCC rejects complaints from Chicago, Milwaukee groups. Again.

Stop me if you’ve seen this headline before… But for a second time in thirteen months, the FCC has rejected complaints from Chicago Media Action regarding local and state election coverage from 2004. The complaint named every commercial station in Chicago. The FCC also rejected complaints from a related Milwaukee activist group regarding their stations. Chicago Media Action fired back […]

Try, try again

The fights continues between the city’s media outlets and community activist groups. Chicago Media Action has asked the FCC to reconsider its decision to turn down license renewal challenges at several Chicago and Milwaukee television stations (fifth item.) This comes after a new study by a University of Wisconsin study citing the lack of coverage of local governmental elections in […]