Milt Rosenberg dies

The legendary WGN Radio host passes at 92

One of Chicago’s most recognizable and appreciated radio hosts has died.

Milt Rosenberg, who spent 39 years at Tribune’s WGN-AM passed away recently from complications of pneumonia.

Born as Milton J. Rosenberg in 1925 in New York City, attended Brooklyn College, University of Wisconsin and the University of Michigan, where he became an instructor in psychology. He later served as a professor of psychology at the University of Chicago. Rosenberg also authored several articles in professional journals and political magazines.

Rosenberg joined WGN in 1973 as host of Extension 720, with topics ranging from political issues and the arts to entertainment to financial investment. Among the numerous guests who appeared on his show included David Brinkley, Jimmy Carter, Henry Kissinger, Jim Lerher, Bill Murray, Carl Sagan, Maragret Thatcher, and many others. His shows were praised for intelligent conversation – something lacking on talk radio today. During his time on the air, Rosenberg dominated the ratings in his late-night time slot. Rosenberg was certainly part of WGN Radio’s heyday, which included talent such as Wally Phillips, Roy Leonard, and Bob Collins.

In 2012, WGN announced Milt Rosenberg’s “retirement” after 39 years – in a move some speculated as a ruse to push him out the door. The move was unpopular with listeners.

Rosenberg’s WGN podcasts were among the most-downloaded and he started his own in 2013, titled The Milt Rosenberg Show. But as time went on, his podcasts became more and more infrequent. Rosenberg returned to the airwaves via WCGO-AM in Aurora in 2015, but lasted only seven months due to budget cuts.

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Milt Rosenberg is survived by wife Marjorie Anna King, son Matthew, and two  grandchildren.