T Dog’s Six Pack is back

Netflix made history this summer by becoming the first web service whose programming to receive Emmy noms.
Netflix made history this summer by becoming the first web service whose programming to receive Emmy noms.

A return of a favorite… T Dog Media’s Six Pack is back! The week’s (or in this case, the summer’s) media winners and losers in a nutshell:


Netflix. The investment in original programming seems to be paying off: House Of CardsHemlock Grove, and the newly revived Arrested Development each earned Emmy nominations, with Cards becoming the first web series to ever earn an nomination for Outstanding Series, comedy or drama.

WGN Radio. The most talked about station – TV or radio – in town in WGN-AM, which is already a winner by generating buzz for its new lineup, which debuts next week. It looks like Jimmy DeCastro has put together a solid lineup – much better than the previous ones set in recent years by his predecessors.

Under The Dome. Even though this is basically your typical run-of-the-mill drama, the Stephen King series created in a joint venture with CBS and Amazon, has been a hit, drawing on average ten million viewers a week on Monday nights.


Chicago Baseball. What’s the biggest waste of time? Watching the last-place Cubs and White Sox? Or just talking about them?

Cable TV customers. It hasn’t been a good summer for fans of CBS and Showtime programming as Time Warner Cable pulled their programming from their systems in a retransmission dispute. CBS O&Os were pulled in eight markets (including the Chicago “suburbs” of Kenosha and Pleasant Prairie, Wis. where TWC is the dominant cable provider), while Showtime and CBS Sports Network was pulled on TWC systems nationwide. In addition, Journal Communications (owners of WTMJ in Milwaukee and WGBA-TV in Green Bay) is still in a dispute with TWC and remains off their systems. No agreement is in sight in either dispute.

Rockin’ with racism. Wow, what a great summer for race relations. In addition to the fallout of the Trayvon Martin case, we had several Big Brother contestants – notably Aaryn Gries, Gina Marie Zimmerman, Amanda Zuckerman and a few others made racial, ethnic, and homophobic slurs to others in the house, which were picked up on the show’s live Internet feeds. Last week, CBS decided to bring back racist contestant Colton Cumbie on this upcoming season of Survivor. On Wednesday, WIND-AM resident prick and deadbeat dad Joe Walsh gave a rather thoughtless take on Dr. King’s “I Have A Dream” speech on the 50th anniversary of the event.

I suppose the only thing left to do is to pair Gries with Joe Walsh as a co-host for his late afternoon show on “The Answer”. Not too far-fetched since this is Chicago radio we’re dealing with.

We shall overcome, indeed.