T Dog Media is now on Facebook and YouTube

Break out the Dr. Peppers! After a long wait, T Dog Media is now on Facebook and YouTube.

The T Dog Media page on Facebook was launched quietly on June 21, as a sub-page of my personal account. Most posts you see on T Dog Media will be posted on the Facebook page – in addition to some exclusive content you won’t find on Twitter or the website!

I’m not one to beg… but do me a favor and click here and give the T Dog Media Facebook page a like. (Please?)

Also, T Dog Media now has its own YouTube page. Every video from YouTube that’s been ever posted on the current site (before September 2011) – and the accompanying blog post – is available on the page. Click here to check it out! (there’s not much there now, but believe me, the list will soon grow.)

All of this is being done so I can expand the reach of  T Dog Media through social media and other means (including this website.)

Of course, you can find all social media links (including RSS) cleverly disguised as oversized buttons on the upper-right hand side of the website.