MeTV to go national

In a humongous move, Weigel Broadcasting sent out a teaser on major changes coming to MeTV and MeToo, the company’s local classic TV channels.

In like… MeTV is going national.

Weigel plans to announce on Tuesday it will seek to distribute the MeTV concept nationally via a digital subchannel.

Weigel’s forthcoming announcement means they are throwing their hat in the classic television arena outside of Chicago, competing with Luken Communications’ Retro Television Network and Tribune/Local TV’s upcoming Antenna TV, which launches Jan. 3 on WGN-DT 9.2, previously home to LATV and The Tube. Weigel plans to target Baby Boomers and others who have a vested interest in classic TV.

The network will air on Weigel’s stations in Chicago, Milwaukee, and South Bend, Ind.  Weigel has agreements with several studios and independent producers to air classic programming over their network. But missing is fare from Sony and DLT Entertainment (Three’s Company, Too Close For Comfort), which Antenna TV has the rights to.

MeTV launched on WFBT-CA (later renamed WWME-CA) in 2005, airing classic TV shows. The success of MeTV spawned spinoff channel MeToo (on WMEU-CA) on March 1, 2008. On the same date, Weigel launched MeTV over a subchannel of CBS affiliate WDJT in Milwaukee. In September 2009, both channels split into different genres – MeTV for classic sitcoms; MeToo for classic dramas.

On Monday, Weigel launched a website (, which includes promos that have run on MeTV locally over the years, and a teaser press release regarding Tuesday’s announcement, when full details are to be unveiled.

And if you’re asking, MeTV stands for Memorable Entertainment Television.

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