T Dog’s Four Pack – Olympic sized fun

A midweek edition of T Dog’s Four Pack: What’s not – and what’s not:

Worthy of Gold

Olympic hockey. Nothing hokey about it – most watched program ever in Canada, third most-watched hockey game in history in the United States – and we had four Blackhawks in the game!

Undercover Boss. Whaaa? This is the surprise Sunday Night 8 p.m. show CBS was looking for – and has put Desperate Housewives and Family Guy on notice.

Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains. One of the best seasons of this venerable reality franchise thus far – don’t blow it.

The Boondocks are back. Aaron McGruder’s comic strip-turned-TV show is finally back after a three-year hiatus on May 2nd. But at this rate, the program could reach 100 episodes for syndication – by 2024.

Worthy of Mold

Rewarding mediocrity. WLS-AM extends low-rated host Roe Conn’s contract and The CW renews 90210 for another season. And you thought this was only limited to the Chicago Bears.

Tony Kornheiser and ESPN. TV’s most senile geezer did it again when he ripped ESPN colleague Hannah Storm’s outfit on his Washington D.C. radio show and got suspended for two weeks. But it is interesting to note The Worldwide Leader in B.S. did NOT suspend Mike Greenberg for his Martin Luther King Jr. Day slip-up on the vastly overrated Mike & Mike Morning Show or Kornheiser’s Pardon The Interruption co-host (Michael Wilbon) for race-baiting comments on the show.

And as for Kornheiser – it’s time for you to head to the retirement home, buddy…

The Marriage Ref. This is what yours truly tweeted Sunday night: “The Marriage Ref” looks like one of those syndicated strips that should be only on at 1 in the afternoon. I guess NBC’s next new show will be a prime-time version of Cheaters.

MTV doesn’t need “cynical” Generation X. So MTV Networks President Van Toffler says he doesn’t need “cynical” Generation X viewers anymore at MTV, saying they are about as relevant as Boomers are. Fine. Kind of redundant since Gen Xers have tuned out MTV for more than twelve years now, given the long blocks of commercials, insipid Sweet 16 birthday shows, making Spencer and Heidi Pratt stars, and airing reality TV shows featuring drunken frat people from New Jersey who act like jackasses and being shoved down our throats and thrust into the national spotlight.

The “M” in MTV once stood for music. It now stands for moron, because that’s who it showcases and it also describes those who run the network. It also qualifies them to work at NBC.