Report: Leno headed back to 10:35 pm

With the Jay Leno-Conan O’Brien saga unfolding hourly it seems, here is the latest:

– According to the New York Times, it looks like NBC is expected to move Jay Leno back to 10:35pm (Central Time), beginning perhaps as soon as the Winter Olympics is over.The show is expected to be cut back a half-hour.

– This means Conan O’Brien’s and Jimmy Fallon’s late night programs will slide back a half-hour – Conan’s at 11:05 p.m., and Fallon’s at 12:05 a.m.

– If all of this comes together, look for NBC to drop Later With Carson Daly (don’t worry… he has that new gig in morning drive at CBS Radio’s KAMP-FM in Los Angeles – which he’ll screw up sooner or later)

– NBC wants this new late-night plan implemented by January 21, when the affiliates’ meetings take place. The affiliates have been the most vocal in voicing their displeasure about Leno’s performance since his show lead into their late night newscasts.

– There is no word on what will replace Leno in prime-time. Some options are being considered to fill the vacated slot, including reruns of Law & Order, new episodes of Dateline NBC, and perhaps borrowing a few shows from NBC’s cable networks.

-All of this could change in the change in the next few days – or even hours – so stay tuned.