A reminder about commenting on posts, Part 2

Hoping you are enjoying your holidays, but there’s a serious issue I have to bring up. Over the last few weeks, the comments section of this blog has been hit by spammers. Worst, some of the spam is in various foreign languages. Just a friendly reminder that any spam on this blog WILL NOT BE TOLERATED – IN ENGLISH OR ANY OTHER LANGUAGE AND WILL BE PROMPTLY REMOVED. If this continues, I’ll have no choice but to require registration to comment on stories. Yours truly can’t update this blog if he has to spend all freakin’ day removing spam! This is a place to provide feedback, not to sell worthless shit. Please click on and read “A reminder about commenting on posts” on the sidebar just below the Twitter Updates. Keep your comment in relation to the subject matter. If you are a spammer – keep on walkin’ and don’t hit your ass on the way out. You are not wanted here. 

I appreciate your feedback – in fact, I more than encourage it – but please behave.

Thanks for understanding, and Happy Holidays!