T Dog’s Four Pack

The list of winners and losers are back!

Yes, they can!

Conan. As Conan O’ Brien is settling down in his new Tonight Show role, he has more than proven himself as a successor to Jay Leno (or… maybe not.)

Futurama returns. Six years later after Fox canceled this underrated show, Comedy Central comes to the rescue with 26 new episodes.

Judge Judy tops Oprah in daytime. We have a new queen in daytime – at least for one week. But the real winner (as always) is CBS, who handles syndication for both shows.

WBBM-TV. No, this isn’t a misprint. The traditionally signal-challenged CBS O&O should see a bump in the ratings thanks to the analog shut-off Friday with the station’s digital signal moving from Channel 3 to 12 (its “virtual channel” remains 2) and the transmitter’s move to Sears Tower, and the end result is seeing CBS 2 in HD over-the-air for the first time!

No, they can’t!

LeBron… After the Cleveland Cavilers were eliminated in Game 6 of the Eastern Conference Finals to Orlando, the Messiah walked off the court without saying anything to anyone and skipped talking to the press, with cost him $25,000. A sore loser, indeed.

… and those puppets. What in the name of Jim Henson is going on in those Nike commercials?

Speidi. And the rest of those losers on I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here!

The return of I Survived A Japanese Game Show. Another reason not to turn on your TV this summer.