New Links Alert

Here are some recent additions to T Dog’s Media Friends sidebar:

– Company Town. From the Los Angeles Times, a blog on the business of Hollywood.

– Hero Complex. For you geeks out there (including yours truly), a new blog from the L.A. Times covering our world, from science fiction to comic books. And from the L.A. Times!

– Doug Quick Online. Down in the Museum section of The Sidebar, you’ll find this wonderful site on the history of Central Illinois TV and radio by Doug Quick, who is Chief Weather Anchor at ABC affiliate WICD-TV in Champaign, IL. Here, you’ll find photos, videos, and other good stuff -plus information on the 2005 affiliate switch involving WICD and WICS-TV in Springfield switching from NBC to ABC and WAND-TV in Decatur switching from ABC to NBC. Click here and check it out!

– Sports Media Watch. A great blog following the business of covering sports on television.

And some subtractions:

– Marianne Paswowski’s blog at TV Week. Unfortunately, it looks like she left Crain Communications again, as her blog hasn’t been updated since March 30.

– Inside Music Media. I tried… I really tried to like this Del Colliano guy, but when he revamped his blog (and the new look sucks by the way), he removed the comments section – not allowing any interaction from his readers – cementing the fact that this guy is a pompous ass. Reminds you of a certain somebody who asked the paper he used to work for to remove the comments section from his columns?

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