T Dog’s Four Pack

I’ll tumble for the 4 pack – the week’s winners and losers:

Winners of the week:

The Chicago Blackhawks. Great job by the Chicago Blackhawks on Saturday Night taking a 3-2 lead over the Vancouver Canucks. The Cinderella run continues. Go Hawks!

(UPDATE: The Hawks defeated the Canucks tonight 7-5 to go to the Western Conference Finals for the first time since 1995. Way to go Hawks! )

David Rehr steps down as President of the National Broadcasters Association. The winner here is the NAB. Good riddance. This time, can you guys find someone who’s actually in broadcasting to head the organization and not someone who spent his time getting wasted with Dennis Green at Coors Light Press Conferences?

David Rehr is who we thought he was.

Eddie George’s appearance on Survivor. Yes, the former Houston Oilers and Tennessee Titans football star is married to one of the contestants (Taj) and his appearance on last week’s episode was a great highlight on what has been an otherwise dull season on the venerable reality show.

Big Media, R.I.P. If this Newsweek article is any indication. We can only hope.

Winners of the weak:

Bart takes a night off. And apparently so did viewers of Fox’s increasingly lame and lackluster Sunday Animation Domination block with all new shows hitting season-lows. As for The Simpsons… after a 440-episode run, there was NO Bart. Predictably, there were no laughs either – or ratings, with last night’s pathetic episode drawing just 5.16 million viewers.

Deal or No Deal. Speaking of pathetic, the return of the canceled prime-time game show only drew four million viewers last week. Au revoir, Howie.

Nielsen’s overnight rating delays. What a joke from last week. Is Nielsen still using Windows 98 on its servers?

Joan Rivers wins Celebrity Apprentice. Can you say rigged? This says who we are about in this country when garbage like this does well in the ratings.

Updated 11:59 p.m. on 2009-05-11 (updated Hawks score)