"Simpsons" debuts in HD

The Simpsons finally went HD starting with tonight’s episode, which also included an all-new revamp of the opening credit sequence, which has been used in various forms since the series debuted in 1990.

On February 8,  King of the Hill went HD, as does Comedy Central’s South Park when it returns for its season premiere on March 11.

Tonight’s episode of The Simpsons was titled Take My Life, Please – a journey in which Homer Simpson wonders what would his life be like if he was elected high-school president back in 1974 (and thankfully not 1984, if this episode was any indication…)

The episode looked great in high definition, having the same feel as The Simpsons Movie, which aired in HD last year on HBO. And the new opening was pretty good.

And better yet, That ’90’s Show episode is now considered non-canon, so yours truly can finally stop bitching about it… so, this is the last time this blog will mention the episode and the Think Tank I wrote about it (alright, stop your cheering…)

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