More on McNeil’s departure

As you know by now, ESPN’s WMVP-AM cut Dan McNeil from the Mac, Jurko & Harry show, with only Jurko & Harry remaining, joined by Carmen DeFalco – for now.

Ed Sherman (formerly of the Chicago Tribune) wrote in his sports blog for Crain’s Chicago Business with more on McNeil’s firing – one important factor was McNeil’s high salary, commanding $600,000 a year (but that’s lower compared to what other local radio personalities have been paid.)

McNeil has become the latest well-known – and well-paid radio personality to be let go, which has been the pattern for the last year or so. Other exits include Howard McGee, Steve Dahl, and Eddie Volkman & Joe Bohannon.

Let’s face it – in an era where economics factor into everything, it’s the bottom line that matters. Believe it or not, there are some station managers who currently air The Oprah Winfrey Show that would glad to see her go if she doesn’t come back after 2011, given the license fee for the show is up there in the cost department. Despite the fact most reality shows bomb in the ratings, they stay around because the programs are cheap to to produce. If it’s on a shoestring budget – it’s in. Quality be damned!

Though quality doesn’t really qualify in this case. Judging from the comments I read on Sherman’s blog, McNeil hasn’t exactly been Mr. Likeable. Then again, what Chicago sports radio personality isn’t?