T Dog’s Groovy Grab Bag

Yes, it’s another edition of the Bag. Reach in…

– It’s the 2008 version of an Edsel: NBC has announced it has halted production of its revival of the television series Knight Rider, meaning the show is finishing its run in February, then likely vanish never to be seen again. It may have been worse: NBC might have tried to revive My Mother, The Car

– In other NBC news, the network has given The Office the post-Super Bowl slot on Feb. 1. The decision was originally announced last spring, but there was word circulating over the last few weeks the network might use another show to put in the plum slot, like the upcoming Kings – or a revival of My Mother, The Car

– CW affiliate KCWE-TV in Kansas City and My Network TV affiliate WMZY-TV in Derry, N.H. (Boston) are the latest stations planning to shut off their analog transmitters early, ahead of the February 17 cutoff date. KCWE cans their analog signal on Dec. 15; WMZY already has, using its analog signal to run DTV information.

– It’s not often yours truly reports on happenings from the local Los Angeles market – mainly because such info is very hard to come by, with no Rob Feder or Phil Rosenthal-like columnist to keep people informed on the local radio and TV beat. But here’s an item of note – Fox-owned KTTV plans to launch a noon newscast effective Monday. The new newscast is a half-hour in length, and is up against a competing newscast on KCAL-TV.