Welcome to the Boomtown

Tonight, American Idol will crown its seventh winner, with a David and David finale: David Archuelta and David Cook are competing to win.

But does anyone care? I mean, besides Tony Kornhiser’s constant harping of Idol on Pardon The Interruption every day (which is a shark jump ready to happen. Do sports fans really care about Idol?), ratings for the karaoke contest are down this year, with numbers down double-digits in adults 18-49 and in households.

Aside from Paula Abdul’s screw up (which was over-analyzed by the media – what’s the big deal?), there was really no controversy or pop-culture wannabe like Sanjaya to hook viewers in this year. There’s hardly any buzz about the Idol finale, as Maureen Ryan points out.

And whom ever David wins Idol tonight, will he even be as successful as David + David? This Los Angeles-based duo had only one Top 40 hit with the solid Welcome to the Boomtown (one of my personal favorites), which peaked at No. 37 on the Billboard Hot 100 in November 1986.

But I’ll tell you one thing: David+David sold more albums than 2006 Idol winner Taylor Hicks did.