Even more layoffs at CBS

This is really getting sad…

Chicago: This time, coming from the radio side: two female on-air personalities are out at WBBM-FM (B96) – overnighter Candi Gomez and midday jock Roxanne Steele, with their contracts not being renewed. A new personality from Miami is going to take Steele’s place, while the overnight position is not being filled.

Anyone want to take any bets regarding Edde & JoBo’s future at the station? Their contract is up in 2009. And right now, it’s not looking so good…

Los Angeles: KCBS-TV and KCAL-TV have sent longtime Los Angeles anchors Harold Greene and Ann Martin packing after their contracts expire later this spring, with two others from the on-air news team also out and union technical personnel are being offered buyouts.

Much like what happened here in Chicago with WBBM-TV, KCBS hired Greene and Martin from a popular ABC outlet (in this case KABC), and tried to rebuild their ratings with familiar personalities. Despite improved ratings, KCBS’ newscasts trails still trails those of KABC.

Meanwhile, CBS News is laying off, with The Early Show losing five employees.