Mora departs Channel 2 for WFOR in Miami

Antonio Mora is going back home to South Florida – the co-anchor of WBBM-TV’s 6 p.m. newscast is leaving for an anchor job in Miami at WFOR-TV, where he will front the news at 5 , 6, and11 p.m. He begins on January 28. His final day at the station is Friday.

WBBM and WFOR are both owned by CBS.

Mora was hired from ABC’s Good Morning America with fanfare in 2002 and was paired with Diann Burns in 2003. However, the chemistry was never really there, as the station continued to languish behind its rivals in the ratings. Mora was replaced last year at 5 and 10 p.m. with Rob Johnson.

Johnson will assume the duties at 6 p.m. as well as the station’s public-affairs program, Eye on Chicago.

This is not the first time Mora has worked in Miami – he was an anchor and reporter for NBC-owned WTVJ there in 1992-93.

Analysis: In yours truly’s opinion, the wrong person departed. It’s obvious who should have left. Mora was screwed around by WBBM-TV management way too much. What a shame. If there’s any consolation, Burns’ contract expires in October. This is surely in jest, but if there’s any Burns I want to see on the newscast is C. Montgomery Burns from The Simpsons. Wouldn’t that be cool? Despite the fact he’s blocked out the sun, he’s actually less evil than Diann Burns. Excellent.