"Idol" hit lowest ratings in four years

The seventh season premiere of American Idol averaged a 18.6 metered household rating and a 13.8 rating among adults 18-49, down 13 percent from last year. Among total viewers, Idol notched 33.2 million viewers, down 11 percent from a year ago.

Still, Idol dominated prime on Fox, and should do so tonight, as the auditions head for Dallas (where I believe T.O. is still crying. Wouldn’t you like to see Simon rip his and Romo’s performance last Sunday?)

Meanwhile, Sean Ross of Edison Media Research writes that Top 40 radio stations (like WBBM-FM and WKSC-FM – a.k.a B96 and KISS FM respectively), are better off with Idol artists than without them and points out every Idol who had a hit record has crossed over to every major genre of music – except Hip-Hop.

I hope the music directors at both stations are reading this.

Updated 3:01 p.m. on 2008-01-16 (changed link from James Hibberd’s TV Week article to Marc Berman’s article from PI feedback)

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