Worst Person In Media This Week – 12/14/07

Hi, my name is Bobby Petrino. I just abandoned my owner, players, and fans in Atlanta – just to be with you guys. Because you’re special. And I am too. And one day, I may do to you what I did to the people in Atlanta. Now, lets call those hogs! Woooooooooooo Pig slop!

Kind of a slow week for evil in media (though that likely won’t be the case next week if a certain government official holds the vote on cross-ownership rules – and he would be the first person to win the award twice. Try to guess who he is…)

So this week, we hand out the WPIMTW to someone not in the industry. And that award goes to former Atlanta Falcons coach and new Arkansas college football coach Bobby Petrino. With the emphasis on “former Atlanta Falcons coach”.

After just thirteen games into his contract, Peterino abruptly resigned from his job as coach of an already struggling Atlanta team without Michael Vick that is currently 3-10. Owner Arthur Blank (who also runs The Home Depot hardware chain) said he felt betrayed and let down by Petrino. He was really pissed. Yep, Petrino s**tted on his… I mean, quitted on his team.

And the Falcons players? They have words for him, too: Disloyal. Coward. Liar. Loser.

Falcons fans? Words I can’t print here.

The Media? You don’t want me to go there now, do you? (and you thought Chicago sportswriters were rough…)

Yours truly? Given the Bears’ struggles this year, I’m glad we don’t have the mess that they have in Atlanta.

As for Arthur Blank – The way he’s been running this team, he makes the late Bill Wirtz look good. And Blank doesn’t have to worry about blacking out home games on TV. Falcons fans not showing up at the Georgia Dome is all its needed to ensure that.

So go on, Peterino. I hope you’re happy. You screwed over the entire Falcons organization. You truly are a classless douchebag. Good luck in Arkansas next year. You’ll need it. Loser. Wooooooooooooooooo Pig Sooi!!!!!!!!!