American Gladitors returns – to NBC

The sports-competition show that aired in syndication locally on WPWR-TV (and later WFLD-TV) in the 1990’s, is coming back in midseason – as a prime-time program on NBC.

Reville Entertainment, whose former president Ben Silverman is now co-chairman at NBC, is producing the show along with MGM Television. MGM holds the rights to the series, inherited when they acquired The Samuel Goldwyn Company, the original syndicator of Gladiators. Current WMAQ-TV sports personality Mike Adamle co-hosted the series, which ran from 1989 to 1995.

An interesting question is, a show that wasn’t good enough for network prime-time in 1989 is now suddenly good enough for prime-time in 2008? (Yours truly was a big fan of American Gladiators back in the day, but something’s wrong when the networks are looking in the syndicated scrap heap for ideas on prime-time programming. Can a revival of the ill-fated 1985 syndicated series Star Games be too far behind?)

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