The ultimate insult

It’s worst enough the Chicago media has been angering everyone with the shenanigans over the Amy Jacobson- Craig Stebic controversy, and now ESPN has decided to join in, at least angering White Sox fans.

In a SportsNation poll, ESPN asked viewers “Which sports team do you most associate with Chicago?” and listed were the Bulls, Cubs, Bears, and even the Blackhawks. But not the White Sox.

I guess you can add ESPN to the list of channels Chicagoans (at least White Sox fans) won’t watch again after this week. WBBM-TV and WMAQ-TV are already on the list.

ESPN explained that the poll was limited just to one team in each sport.

Yours truly thinks if the network spends less time on stupid ass polls and garbage like “Who’s Now?” and more time on improving its on-air content, ESPN would regain its credibility.

But much like local news in Chicago, ESPN is becoming more and more of a joke each day. Maybe on the next SportsCenter, we’ll see Linda Cohn at Craig Stebic’s house with just a towel around her waist (ugh.)

Meanwhile, the Blackhawks probably wished the White Sox were in that poll, too. As of this writing, they were dead last with just 2 percent of the vote.

The same rating WBBM gets for its newscasts.