A total disgrace

It’s a shame that Chicago’s historic black newspaper is being treated this way. The Chicago Defender has now been cut back from publishing daily to only a few days a week, and its website, which hasn’t been updated since June 8 (and only has been sporadically updated before that) is being neglected. Despite all the promises this bozo from Detroit is making (why is a Chicago paper’s website even being handled from there?), the Defender will continue to struggle (or perhaps even cease operations) unless someone from Chicago buys the paper and invests in it.

After all, no one wants the Sun-Times- a paper run by clowns – to become the voice of the black community. It would be a sad day if that ever happened.


2 thoughts on “A total disgrace

    • Thanks for contiuning to follow and post on this story, TH…

      While I’ll admit that I’m not in the Defenders target demographic, it is a wonderful resource to get a certain point of view on the goings-on.


    • Thank you Dan for the comment, I appreciate it. I actually got the story from a link posted on Larz’s Chicagoland Radio and Media message board(www.chicagolandradioandmedia.com.) It’s a great site for updated happenings on Chicago media, particularly in Chicago radio.

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