Who’s in your five?

Interesting notes from Feder’s column today:

* The game show Let’s Play Crosswords won’t be done in Chicago after all. After the producers decided to shoot the program without a studio audience, Program Partners’ new syndicated strip will originate in Los Angeles. Meanwhile, daytime soap star Ty Treadway has been tapped as host.

* The FreeFM (or FraudFM) slogan at WCKG-FM is gone. Anyone notice? No? I thought not.

* After WGN-TV launched a 5:55p.m. weathercast with Tom Skilling during Friends, WFLD-TV decided to launch a similar weathercast at the same time with Amy Freeze during Malcolm in the Middle.

So Tom Skilling gets to hang out with Ross, Rachael and the gang, while Amy Freeze is stuck with Malcolm’s dysfunctional family. Gee, who wins there? I can see Lois yelling at Ms.Freeze for mispredicting the weather (and Ms. Freeze slugging Reese for coming on to her….)