Here’s something to really cry over…

The closure of The George Michael Sports Machine – ending tonight after a spectacular 24-year run.

George Michael has stepped down as sports anchor of NBC-owned WRC-TV in Washington, D.C., which also produced the syndicated weekly sports clip show, after the parent network reduced the budget for the program, resulting in its’ cancellation. Michael (who shares the same name as a certain pop star, but nicer and more humble of the two) was at WRC for 27 years.

The program perhaps is tied for the record (with Access: Hollywood) for the program that has been syndicated by the most companies -in name only – beginning with ITC (in 1991), then Group W, Eyemark (merger between CBS and Group W – which resulted in a NBC-owned show syndicated by a CBS company – a first), King World (when CBS merged Eyemark and King World), NBC Enterprises, and finally NBC Universal (NBC’s merger with Universal.)