WARNING: Moron Alert!

I know it’s unusual for me to post on a Sunday… but I had to alert everyone on this…Tomorrow night’s guest in the booth on ESPN’s Monday Night Football game between the Bears-Rams is talent-free Chicago actor Jim Belushi of According To Jim. Why him? Why not other famous Chicagoans? What about Bernie Mac? Jenny McCarthy? Kanye? Even anyone from that ’80’s band Survivor? Why? Because Jim Belushi appears on According to Jackasshole and it season premieres on ABC next month; Disney owns ESPN and ABC; the game is being carried locally on ABC-owned WLS-TV… You get the point. When this happens, turn down your TV and tune in to your radio to the game (Newsflash: This is the ONLY time I’m saying to tune in the radio to anything…)

Well, it could be worse… We could be getting Vince Vaughn or R. Kelly….