Steve Lyons, meet Lamar Thomas. Lamar Thomas, meet Steve Lyons.

It was not a good weekend for sports analysts:

Fox fired Steve Lyons for insensitive comments regarding fellow analyst (now Cubs manager) Lou Pinella and his use of Spanish during Game 3 of the ALCS Friday night, while Comcast SportsSouth (not related to Comcast SportsNet) canned former Cane Lamar Thomas for thoughtless comments during that big brawl in Saturday’s broadcast of the Miami (FL) – Florida International (FIU) college football game.

Meanwhile, 31 players have been suspended for their part in the brawl, and one player from the U of M (Anthony Reddick) suspended indefinitely. Also, 16 FIU players have also been suspended indefinitely and two players are gone for good.

Both teams play 9 miles apart from one another in Miami. Sounds familiar Chicago baseball fans? Remember the Michael Barrett – A.J. brawl in the Cubs-Sox game last June? Eerily similar, as the Cubs and Sox play 8.1 miles apart.

Anyway, the Miami-FIU brawl was completely crass. Both teams showed a complete lack of sportsmanship. Next time if you guys want to do stuff like that — go into politics.

What are the posters saying? Check out this link on Radio-Info (and get a good laugh):,51232.0.html

And look over there! Speaking of firings:

Ken Macha will soon likely run to Art Shell in that same Oakland unemployment office.

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