More Changes

Change No. 1: NBC resurrects Thursday Must see lineup

From 7 to 9 (Central) Thursdays beginning next month, all the network’s comedies will be on one night. Except “Twenty Good Years”. This shitcom, which hasn’t had one good episode, is on indefinite hiatus:

Change No. 2: New Syndicated talk shows shift slots

The Greg Behrendt Show and Dr. Keith Albow have shifted time slots in several markets (not necessarily downgrades though):

I know what you all about to say. Who?

Like The Megan Mulually Show, Greg and Keith have also struggled to find viewers for their flapfests. At least these shows haven’t been drop-kicked into a 2 or 3 am time slot(yet), as this would have been the case several years ago.

Can’t wait for “The Judy Baar Topinka Show” next fall. Oh, that’s right. Joan Rivers already had a daytime talk show. (LOL)