Finally! A network that the NHL can beat in the ratings

Remember MyNetworkTV? That groovy new network that all the square cats are watching? No? Neither does anybody else! With Maureen Ryan of the Trib is busy slamming the CW for their moves, and Marc Berman of Mediaweek ignoring it all together, Advertising Age apparently remembers there’s a MNT: [subscription required]

I have also found that here in Chicago (and San Diego) from Sept. 18-Sept. 22, MyNetworkTV was outdrawn by reruns of Becker. That’s right. A fourth-rate sitcom beating a seventh-rate network in the household ratings.

Ted Danson hotter than Bo Derek and Morgan Fairchild. Make sense to me!

[P.S. Posted on 10-24-06. I meant to post this last week, but forgot. The Ad Age free link expired, so if you click the above link, you’ll only get an abstract. In other words, take my word for it. Word. Word to your mother. Word Up. ]

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