Jack meets Jim

Jack meets Jim

Today, Chicago’s dumbest radio station meets Chicago’s unfunniest comedian.

The “You Don’t Know Jack” promotion from 7:30am – 5:30pm on WJMK-FM (or Jack FM) in Chicago today featured alleged actor/comedian Jim Belushi’s voice tracks promoting the syndication premiere of According to Jim on WGN-Channel 9, tonight at 6pm. Whoopee! What a surprise!

Genius idea, isn’t it? F-level actor promoting his stupid show on a D-level radio station. What’s next? Michael Rappaport whoring himself out to B96 for a day to promote The War At Home?

According to Jim reruns and Jim Belushi should be banished to Chicago television’s version of Siberia — My 50 Chicago (WPWR-TV). It fits well with those new sitcoms Desire and Fashion House.