Chicago’s PPM results are here

Here they are… the first official Portable People Meter results for the Chicago market. Arbitron decided to release the numbers today instead of Wednesday for Chicago, New York, and six other markets to avoid an injuction by the New York State Attorney General, who isn’t happy with the system because he feels the system discriminates against minorities (never mind that […]

Pat Cassidy leaves WBBM-AM

One thing yours truly has learned about this business in recent years: There’s no summer vacation when it comes to media news (particularly in July), especially when it pertains to comings and goings. Today, yet another big name has left a media outlet. Pat Cassidy, who was co-anchor at WBBM-AM with Felicia Middlebrooks for the last eight years, has left […]

Illinois’ other Arbitron books released

Here are the Arbitron rating books for other markets in Illinois, plus South Bend-Elkhart. Quad Cities – Clear Channel’s country outlet (WLLR-FM) dominated the market, with a share that doubles its’ nearest competitor. Peoria – Will AC plays in Peoria? You bet, as Triad’s WSWT-FM finished a dominant first. Rockford – A CHR outlet finished first here, with Cumulus’ WZOK-FM […]

Chicago PPM secrets revealed

In addition to the last-ever diary book released in Chicago yesterday, Arbitron’s pre-currency Portable People Meter results were also released, and according to Tom Taylor of Radio-Info and Dave Martin’s blog, they show the following: – WGN continued to rank first among 12+, followed by WDRV-FM (The Drive), WBBM-AM, Ht AC outlet WTMX-FM, and Country station WUSN-FM. – Ranking from […]

Welcome back, Bill Cameron!

Wonderful news: WLS-AM has rehired Bill Cameron as City Hall beat reporter, just three months after the Citadel-owned station let him go during an avalanche of staff cuts that affected Citadel stations nationwide. An opening became available after Ryan Hermes resigned after being able to obtain an early release from his WLS contract. He has re-joined the Illinois Radio Network. […]

WVON to rewind, too

WLS-AM is not the only one flashing back to the days of yesteryear… WVON-AM is also doing a Memorial Day rewind, with a flashback to the days when the black-oriented station played a lot of jazz, blues, and R&B music courtesy of Pervis Spann, Herb Kent, and “The Good Guys”. Click here to see Monday’s lineup.

The Big 89 Rewind returns

Thanks to the popularity of last year’s well-received Big 89 Rewind, WLS-AM is doing it again this Memorial Day, with an all-new edition. Here is the scheduled line up… 5am-6am: Kickoff Show6am-9am: Chuck Knapp9am-Noon: Larry Lujack with Lil’ Tommy EdwardsNoon-3pm: Fred Winston3pm-6pm: Bill Bailey6pm-10pm: John Records Landecker10pm-12:00 Jeff Davis WLS news alumni will also be on hand, including Les Grobstein, […]

Brant Miller returns home

After the last few days, it’s great to announce a hiring for a change! WMAQ-TV meteorologist Brant Miller is returning to his roots at the frequency he used to work show. Miller has been hired as morning personality at Oldies outlet WZZN-FM (94.7) starting Monday, where he will hold down the 6 to 10 a.m. shift (Miller will continue in […]

T Dog’s Think Tank: Radio takes another step backward

Today’s feedback in Robert Feder’s column in today’s Sun-Times was about the recent corporate cutbacks at Citadel’s WLS-AM and WZZN-FM. Among the universally critical letters of Citadel were three former WLS staffers – one of which (Jake Hartford) was fired Friday. If the Citadel firings are any indication, the radio business has taken a major step backwards (again) and has […]

Feder analyzes WLS firings

Robert Feder of the Sun-Times wrote a pretty good article today, analyzing WLS-AM and WZZN-FM’s firing spree on Friday, in which fourteen people lost their jobs – a dead-on piece that pretty much sums up the state of the media business today, especially radio. And that’s not all: On top of that, Feder reported that four employees at CBS-owned WBBM-TV […]

WLS-AM, Citadel cut jobs

This occurred as parent company Citadel Broadcasting posted a whopping $848 million loss in the fourth quarter of 2007. The personnel layoffs include: Jennifer Keiper, news director ; Bill Cameron, city hall reporter; David Jennings, reporter; Christina Filiaggi, traffic reporter; Nate Clay, talk host and Jake Hartford. Meanwhile, Citadel has laid off two at WABC in New York; WPLJ (also […]

WLS-AM slammed for coverage of NIU shootings

From the Sun-Times’ Robert Feder (and rightfully so.) But he also praised the coverage of WBBM-AM and WGN-AM – as well as NextMedia’s west suburban classic hits outlet WERV-FM (95.9 FM, a.k.a. “The River”) for their continuing coverage of the tragedy.

Mo’ Radio Ratings

Because there’s more to life than Chicago and Milwaukee… Peoria: It’s a trifecta for Triad as the radio station owner holds the top three spots with Country outlet WXCL-FM leading the way. Regent’s Rhythmic outlet (WZPW-FM) finished fourth. The biggest loser here was Regent’s Active Rock station (WIXO-FM) which fell from first place in the Spring book to eighth. Ouch! […]

The Fall Arbitron books

Here are your radio Fall Arbs (+12) for: Chicago Quick analysis: Tribune’s WGN is first, but stumbled. Clear Channel’s Urban Contemporary WGCI is back in second place, while sister Urban AC WVAZ fell from fifth place to eighth (they announced a huge schedule change today – more on that later, so watch the blog.) CC’s WLIT surged to fifth place*, […]

Da Trends

The second set of trends for the Arbitron fall book for Chicago radio stations are out, and there is some movement on the chart among several radio stations. Thoughts… – It looks like WGN is going to be #1 for the foreseeable future. – WGCI rebounded to third place this trend, perhaps silencing critics (such as yours truly) -WLS-AM rebounded […]