A brave old world for Dahl

Phil Rosenthal in the Trib today explores Steve Dahl’s return to the morning airwaves for the first time in 11 years, and it’s not much different than it was the last time he left. Well, aside from WGCI not having a local radio morning show anymore, and Mancow being put out to pasture. Rosenthal also interviews individuals who explain how […]

Bulls head to WMVP

The Chicago Tribune is reporting that the Chicago Bulls will announce this coming week a deal with ESPN-owned WMVP-AM to air games starting with the season opener on October 31. WMVP, or ESPN Radio 1000, was the home for Bulls basketball during the franchise’s glory years in the nineties. In 2006, the Bulls took their radio broadcasts in-house and bought […]

Steve Dahl to Jack FM?

The Sun-Times Robert Feder is reporting (and this is a tidbit that will make message boards explode over the weekend) that Steve Dahl, who hosts his successful afternoon show on WCKG-FM, is expected to land as morning jock at sister station WJMK-FM, or Jack FM. This comes as an impending format change will likely hit WCKG in the next two […]

Report: WCKG to flip to Spanish

Bulls looking for new radio home The Chicago Tribune’s Ed Sherman is reporting that the Chicago Bulls are looking for a new radio home after speculation has surfaced that CBS Radio’s WCKG-FM may flip from a FM Talk format to a Spanish-language one – perhaps as soon as the next couple of days. The Spanish-language format is one of the […]

WCKG next in line for format switch?

After a number of format flips of CBS FM Talk stations around the country, it looks like low-rated WCKG-FM could be next. An long-overdue makeover is reportedly in the works. The only question is what to do with Steve Dahl, who has a long-term contract with the station. Gentlemen, start your speculation engines.

Fraud FM is dead

Free FM is almost officially done with the next-to-last Fraud FM station, WKRK-FM in Detroit flipping to sports and simulcasting WXYT-AM. This means that the Opie and Anthony Morning Show is gone from that station, too. Meanwhile, CBS’ Pittsburgh FM Talk outlet is toast as well. The last Free FM station remaining is KLSX-FM, Los Angeles.

Steve & Garry reunite on TV

Current WCKG hosts and radio legends Steve Dahl and Garry Meier (both have separate shows at the station) appeared together on WGN-TV’s morning news today, promoting a charitable event they are co-hosting with the Sun-Times Susanna Hoffman and Gilda’s Club Chicago on Friday called “A Night of a Thousand Noogies” at the Park West (it’s located at 322 W. Armitage.)

Spanish broadcaster charges racism in Arbitron numbers

Plus other demo ratings news of note Spanish-language broadcaster WLEY-FM is charging that the station’s numbers -as well as those of other Hispanic broadcasters – are down become Arbitron did not send out enough diaries to Spanish-speaking households in the Chicago area. “I question the statistical reliability of this survey,” he said. “They did not have a sufficient number of […]

Opie & Anthony to stay on WCKG

Despite the fact that Opie & Anthony made cruel sex references to Condi Rice, Queen Elizabeth, and First Lady Laura Bush on the XM-only portion of their radio show, CBS Radio has decided not to suspend the duo since the comments didn’t air on that portion of the program. Opie & Anthony airs weekdays from 5 to 8 a.m. on […]

Who’s in your five?

Interesting notes from Feder’s column today: * The game show Let’s Play Crosswords won’t be done in Chicago after all. After the producers decided to shoot the program without a studio audience, Program Partners’ new syndicated strip will originate in Los Angeles. Meanwhile, daytime soap star Ty Treadway has been tapped as host. * The FreeFM (or FraudFM) slogan at […]

Garry Meier signs with WCKG

It’s official : Garry Meier joins WCKG-FM as an on-air host, beginning on Monday. His new show will air from 8 to 11 am weekdays. This puts him on the same station as his former partner, Steve Dahl. Dahl hosts afternoons from 2 to 7 pm. Dahl and Meier were on-air partners from 1979 to 1993, until a nasty breakup […]

Meier to reunite with Dahl?

Not really, but Garry Meier may end up on the same station (WCKG) as Steve Dahl, who worked together for several different Chicago radio stations until a falling out in 1993 (The duo did reunite last August for one time only.) Rob Feder has the scoop here.